High Speed Spiral Doors (Security Shutters)

We are industrial door specialists, stocking high speed spiral doors for industrial applications. We sell and service security shutters and roller doors throughout Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Hunter Valley & Mid North Coast. 


High Speed Aluminium Doors
Application For underground car garage access. With muti-function of wind-resistant, temperature keeping, high speed, security etc
Width: 1250mm(min)–8000mm(max)                                                                      
Wind Capacity: 3.5Pa.  Typhoon Grade: G12 (120km/h)
Opening Speed 1.2m/s–2.0m/s ,adjustable
Closing speed Closing speed not less than 0.6m/s, Adjustable  
Lifting Track Adopt double helix sprial, aluminum track, specialized pulley make the door operate stable and quietly, greatly, enhanced carrying capacity, reduce frictiion and make it faster. When opeing the door, there is no contact,no friction, no wearing between door and connection part, switching smooth ,fast ,lengthen its life and suitable for high high-frequency operation of occasions.
Guide QP hinge shaft surface treatment, can increase self-lubricating, 3-5times that of galvanized shaft.
Door Frame with senior eco-galvanized plate electrostatic spraying, the good molding of precision cutting,CNC bending. Its thickness: 3mm, protective cover, anti-rust for 10 years .Good apparance, dust proof and easy to clean.
Loading bearing self-aligning bearing ,double needle roller bearings, bearing comprssive capacity is 3times of the normal one, so the door operation will not be affected in case of structural inferiority deformation happened. It has self-regulation with rapid, eccentric drive without generating abnormal sound  
Door material aluminum alloy door curtain, thickness≥40cm, anodized surface plus organic coloring treatment. Internal filling polyurethane(without CFC)industrial insulatic materials, adopt advanced international bridge insulation schemes reaching G7 energy-saving standard, will not damage the ozoen layer.
Vision widow aluminum alloy frame with double PU plate, transparncy, resistance to scratching ,weathering resistance, and the same height (180mm) as other door panel  
Driving motor 0.75KW/1.5KW/2.2KW, 220V Servo system motor.
Control system with LED touch screen to display fault code function, you can easily modity operation parameters,and set up the system password (optional)    1,with turning protection: when the motor drive connection wrong ,the control directlyu will given wrong signal ,the door stop action; 2, with self-repair limit system to stop the motor at the specifited location, so that when the door limit stop position acurately. 3, with rememering function: in case of power failure, the door can operated normally without need to any other adjustment. 4, motor: with overload, overcurrent proection.
Transmission shaft Using retractable spline shaft ,this program used in automotive power transmission, maintenance-fee life, which can effctively reduce the noise generated and applied to the metal molecule size deviation due to temperature changes caused by the change.
Safety setting 1)with IR safety protection: photoelectric sensor for protection ; 2) with safety edge: when the door fall down, when people or object in the sensor distance, the door will bounce up to protect from any hurt.
Operation method push button