A-Safe Bollards & Safety Australia

We offer safety bollard solutions for industrial workplaces, including manufacturing industry, automotive, food & hospitality, retail, packaging, construction and cold storage. 

Bollards For Industry

 We offer A-SAFE bollards which have:

  • Impact Zone 0-1200mm
  • Energy Absorbing Core
  • Electrophoretic Coated Bases
  • Additional Options

Bollards are designed to protect structures and equipment from vehicle impact damage. They provide a robust physical presence to prevent access or guide vehicles and pedestrians. 

iFlex Bollards are strong, durable and highly visible. They reinforce a driver’s attention to safe driving and can also act as guidance along traffic routes. A-SAFE Bollards are multi-functional and used extensively in industrial, commercial and public environments.  

Pricing Structure

  • 190mm x 1100mm bollard – $620.50
  • 210mm x 1100 bollard – $786.50
  • 190mm x 1100mm bollard – $828.50
  • 210mm x 1100mm bollard – $1059

All prices exclude GST, delivery and installation costs.